Today is my anniversary. Three years ago I started this blog I'm pretty shocked that it's been that long. I wrote the very first blog post from my lab, although I had a very different position, and a different office. But I'm still there, and oddly enough - it's the longest time I've ever worked anywhere! I actually really love it, and get sad at the thought that I will have to leave. Which I apparently have to do in two years.

It's february. My dreaded month. It's hard coming up with positive things to say this time of year.

And I was unable to finish this yesterday... I started it but then forgot to post - such is my life.

here's a sample

I'm making chive and goat cheese biscuits for breakfast, and as I go to measure out 1/3 cup of chives, I realize that we have no 1/3 measuring cup. I think it's being used for the cat food, but no -- now it's the 1/2 cup that's in the cat food. Shoot, I think to myself, I have never really liked these cheap plastic measuring cups anyway, maybe I should get a new set, then I remember there was a note in one of the issues of cooks illustrated about the best measuring cups, so I go looking for that, there is, AMCO cups are supposed to be the most accurate, and they're nice looking, but where to get them? Oh, on amazon. Hmmm... but should I order them online or try to find them in a store so I can see what they look like? Then I get distracted by a new york times article on junk food in schools... and before I know it, I'm back in the kitchen getting ready to make biscuits, and ... I don't have a measuring cup. Sigh. Maybe I'm ADD. And now I'm writing a blog post waiting for butter because I forgot to pick any up at the grocery yesterday, and my man's out getting some.

Anyway, I don't actually need to be that accurate for something like chives, so please don't worry about the fate of the biscuits, they'll be fine I'm sure. And I'm going to go ahead and order the cups online, so that in a week I'll be surprised by the gift my confused saturday self sent to my future self.


ily said...

happy blogiversary! I always forget mine, always. it's been 4 years! yikes.
i like keeping in touch via blogs... but someday i may join facebook and can keep track of you that way ;-)

maepress said...

I sure wish you would!


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