putting one foot in front of the other

So I started my super simple exercise habit today. Thanks to 6 Changes, a new website by the author of my favorite blog Zen Habits. The idea is this: it's not exercise that's important, it's establishing a habit. So at the same time everyday, find some kind of trigger and do a few minutes of exercise. That's it, every week you work your way up gradually to a few minutes more and a few more, until you're running 20 minutes a day. Which would be a huge thing for me. I decided that my trigger would be when Skater Girl's bus pulls away, then I'll go for a walk. This week it's just a five minute walk. Next week it's ten. I love it, because it's simple and I'm just not overwhelmed by the prospect of it! If I stick with it, then by spring I'll be able to incorporate a quick run in the morning into my schedule. It's also my hope that once I am getting some exercise that I'll have more energy which will hopefully lead to my feeling like doing other exercises, like yoga. Anyway, now I'm getting ahead of myself. This week, walk for five minutes.

So, for combating the February blahs:
1. going for a walk
2. taking multivitamins
3. baking (I'm working my way through some biscuit recipes right now)
4. Still knitting - making a wee balaclava for SG
5. wine (not the healthiest habit, but it works)
6. throwing snowballs at the puppy!
7. hitting up the library once a week
8. cleaning out closets

oh, and on saturday I made a really yummy breakfast, mimosas, and then we watched He-Man on hulu all morning. I rediscovered the fun of just staying in.

It's also lovely to look at what my friend in the southern hemisphere is up to - she's pickling green beans - imagine!!


ily said...

hee hee, remember the bumper sticker you put on your old car. tee hee hee.

maepress said...

I don't remember - what was it ?!

ily said...

slow runner
hee hee hee


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