still no progress

It has stalled indefinitely since I am sick, and now SG is too. I'm getting some writing done though - and that's a good thing. I'm also happy to report that the new art corner is getting plenty of use! And, I've been knitting up a storm lately, finished a baby hat for my cousin, a hat for my mom, something for a friend (it's a surprise) and I am now working on something for my brother (also a surprise). After that one, I'll post some photos. It's been really nice to be on the sticks again. I'm even using some stashed yarn, which is always awesome. Once I finish this project my plan is to cast on a sweater for SG. I haven't made her one in about four years. If I can finish it quick enough, it would be worth it. I think I'm going to go with the quick-o cheap-o from knit and tonic. Quick is good, and since it's a top down pattern on 8's it probably will go pretty quick. And cheap is good for a sweater, because it takes a lot of yarn. I'm looking forward to starting it. Every year I forget, and then have the joy of remembering that knitting gets me through january and february. It is just so therapeutic!


ily said...

well you've inspired me to at least clean out my bathroom cupboard. I probably should have culled more, but oh well ;-)

maepress said...

every little bit helps!


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