starting over

I've finally hit a point where I can stop and take a breath. I gave my presentation, and it went very well. It gave me the inspiration I needed to keep going. Thank goodness! It's amazing how much I can spiral into self-doubt these days. And we're going on maybe day nine of no sunshine. It doesn't look like we're getting any until saturday.

Anyway, it looks like I'm taking the day off. I thought I would yesterday after everything was over, but then I thought it might be better to just get right back to work, so I didn't loose momentum. Anyway, I was all ready to go, but then we missed the bus (it was snowing and turns out it was a half hour late) This turned out to ba a good thing though, she hadn't done her homework the night before and when I told her we had to go catch the bus, she lost it. Unbelievably, she screamed "this is the worst day ever!" I was shocked, and feeling like I was giving terrible advice by saying, it's just one homework, it's not that big of a deal. But it's ridiculous that first graders have homework every single goddamned day! So it was good, after waiting for the bus in tears in 28 degree weather for 15 minutes, we walked back to the house, she got to do the homework and I drove her to school. Then after going to get cat food showering and eating breakfast, it was 10:30. Then email and whatnot, 11:00. At that point, it's almost silly to go in. Not really, but I'm just having too nice a day relaxing. Anyway, I'll get the house cleaned and do some reading. It won't be a total loss. I now have two weeks until the defense of my prelims. And then, if all goes well I can finally start the dissertation process. I really feel like this is going somewhere, it's exciting. I think in the interim I'm going to try to write up a paper for publication that I've been really putting off. And find out if there's anything I can present at this conference in Stockholm. I'm completely terrified of flying that far, but I really want to visit other countries, I know it will be so worth it.

On other news, I guess the five a day thing lasted ten days. Which actually for me is pretty good. I still have some places that I'd like to clean out though, the upstairs closet, and my bedroom closet. I'll do those, and then tackle the basement at some point.

I think we might have to plan a party in February. I need something to look forward to. Usually I have the hardest time getting through February, but this month has already kicked my ass. Anyway, starting tomorrow - I'm getting back on a regular schedule!! No more mornings like this one, what a freaking nightmare. We need to bake some cookies or something. Yes, cookie karma is good for seasonal depression.

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