5 a day: day 7

Today I finally got to tackle all of skater girl's art supplies. She's got quite a bit of crafty things, not unlike her mama (I'll get to that later in the month!) Hubby built some cool shelves to go in the dining room and house all of this stuff, instead of in the various plastic boxes stowed under a table. The main problems with having all of these things stowed away are one, it doesn't get used, two, you forget what you do have, and three it's not inspiring to just sit down and start a project. So these were my goals in creating a new organized system for her things, that it would be very apparent what she has, and it would all be easily accessible. Not to mention pretty to look at! I pulled everything out, sorted it into piles: paints, markers, scissors, puffballs etc... and then found a nice container or home for it all.

So gone are the ugly and not-so useful plastic bins (and two big garbage bags of stuff!)

I also decided halfway through that I would try to use only what we have on hand, and not go out and buy new containers as I had planned. I accomplished this by using a lot of old glass jars, some pottery that I found in the basement, and a stainless steel container sitting empty in our kitchen. Repurposed!

and here's our new art corner! She was super excited, and wanted to start creating right away. She said it was "excellent" and that her friends would be excited when they came over. Yippee!

(I'm going to let this one count for a few days, since I got rid of WAY more than five things, and I have to go back to work tomorrow ;) This project is really not as hard as it sounds though, and I'm having fun!

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