5 a day

I saw a challenge today for decluttering, which is always something that we need to do, and I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels the need to purge after the holidays. The challenge was to get rid of five things a day for 30 days. I am going to try to do this, and not only that, but post about it everyday! This is a big challenge for me, as anytime I decide to do something everyday, it usually only lasts two days, maybe three. I'm going to start in the kitchen right now.

Well, after tackling a cabinet that was badly in need of organization, I managed to throw a bunch of trash away, and find at least five things to give away. I guess I'm not counting the things that I throw away as part of the five things. Right now anyway, I guess we'll see how desperate I get.

The first group is just some mismatched dishes that were hiding out, which we never use, and a bag of old siverware. We kept it for when we have guests, but we hardly ever use it, and generally have enough siverware for guests.

Also in the mix is two huge bags of tea lights which I can't for the life of me remember why I got, and a tupperware container that belongs to my parents, but believe me, I'm doing them a favor to just get rid of it, they have an enormous collection of tupperware. All of these things have been put into an "out" box by the back door, since I figure if I'm adding to it all the time I won't be taking it everyday.

This last picture is of a few things that I pulled out of the cabinet which I just don't know what to do with. Each one was a wedding gift. They are also each nice things, just things that we have literally no use for. What do people do with gifts that doesn't make them feel bad? Gifts are always a very difficult part of the process for me. For right now, they are going back into the cabinet, but they are not entirely out of mind


ily said...

hmmm great idea! I think I should do one a day at least... I also think I need a limit on the incoming things. (a loom just showed up on my doorstep today hmmmm how did that happen - don't worry it is a simple/small one ;-)

and i like that glass with the flower, i would like to drink some orange juice out of it.

sorry i don't have any advise on what to do with unwanted gifts. maybe you should just make some fondue and think on it!

Melinda said...

My opinion about gifts, (since I am quite experienced in giving things that I have rec'd away) is that you can do as you please with it. I feel no guilt in getting rid of anything that I have been given knowing that even if it ends up at Goodwill, someone will want it.

5 a day is good. I try to get rid of two things for every one that I bring in. Of course, this is hard with a kid and I am the only one who does this in my house...

maepress said...

I always try to do the whole one in one out thing for clothes - but not much else. I don't think of myself as a big shopper though, so I think it's ok!

I think we should make some fondue - since the little one had no idea what it was, and was very intrigued with the idea...


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