5 a day: day 4

Went to work on the bathroom closet. I'm warning you, th
is is not a pretty sight. Thankfully, it's a before shot.

I'll be honest, I got rid of A LOT of stuff today, and I will be posting some of it over the next couple of days. Is this cheating? Who cares? I'm doing this for me anyway!

(random lotions, one of those stupid forehead thermometers, a nail buffer past it's prime...)

Anyway - happy new year folks!!! Here's to a safe and happy year, and an end to what's been quite a decade...

Just as a recap, I finished college, drove across the country by my self, met this guy and this girl...

I have made so many great friends these past years and had to say goodbye to many, bought two houses, lived in three states, oh yeah and can't forget these two chuckle-heads

And now I'm well on my way to a PhD and my husband's running an awesome company. If I were looking at me now with eyes from 10 years ago, I'd probably be confused by some of these choices, but I know that I'd be cool with it once I understood. Life doesn't always go as planned, but generally the things that aren't planned are the most fun.

Here's to ten more...

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