getting slightly ridiculous

So, after that last post, I then decided that what was really needed was for my craft room to get remodeled. (It is possible that I am in the midst of a big time procrastination project - but don't tell anybody.)

I have now painted the office/craft room, and then I'm going to sew some new curtains, get some cute pillows, and get an area rug. Oh, and hang up some art. I'll post pictures when it's done. The paint looks fabulous. I've been dying to do this for awhile, to make it into a real study. I figure it's cool that I'm spending all this time doing this, because the more inviting your home office is, the more likely you are to get work done, right? I also figure I'll feel happier in our tiny house if I have a little oasis. And the third reason for all this is that SG's room is upstairs and she never plays up there because she doesn't want to be up there alone, so if I'm up there working, then hopefully she'll spend more time playing up there. See, everyone wins!

I'm leaving for a conference in Boston in a couple of days, and then down to South Carolina for Thanksgiving. I'll be away from my little one for four whole days. :(
I have much anxiety flying - and especially flying by myself. Hopefully everything goes smoothly next week. This is my first time presenting at a conference too. It's just a poster, but it's still pretty exciting. But it's not helping my nervousness of course!


ily said...

good luck at your conference. boston is cool, hope you get to see it a little bit! is this your first time away from sg?

maepress said...

no - I've been away from her a few times - I just hate it. She's really my little ray of sunshine!

ily said...

my brother's going to be in boston over thanksgiving! you almost overlap. funny.


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