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It's that time of year when I start knocking around in my head ideas for homemade gifts. I always try to keep it realistic, and will occasionally get out of control - but it's just too much fun. Ever since I was a child I've loved choosing gifts for people - I keep a running list throughout the year of things I see that I think people will like. And I love making things - so viola, it's a match made in heaven. In the past couple years I've gotten better at choosing easy, fun things to make - especially things that skater girl can make. We made all kinds of fun things last year, wooden bead elves, these picture lines, knitted washcloths for her teachers, and wrapped locally made soap up in them. And last year I managed to pull off two very cute hand sewn dolls for her. I can't remember if I made anything for anyone else, but hey.

So this morning I had the inspiration to go through my stash, and pick out yarn for small gift projects. It's a great thing because I also get to declutter, another therapeutic act. And then, to top it all off, I decided that what I really needed was to make a bunch of pretty little drawstring bags to separate my yarn out and organize things a little better. Well, turns out these little bags are so fun to make, and use up those little scraps of fabric that I have laying around. (I've made three so far) When SG got home from school I got started on them, and she actually sewed up two herself. Today was her first lesson on the sewing machine. It's actually a perfect project to start out on. She decided that she's going to make these for her teachers for holiday gifts and fill them with treats. There! done and done. I really think that making things with your hands has the potential to lift you out of a funk. (there is science to back this up - but I'm just not going to go there today:)

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