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The new interweave arrived in my mailbox yesterday, and it was a treat. This has been the mildest summer on record, with not a day registering above 90 degrees for the month of July. So I'm thinking fall thoughts. It's back to school in nary a week or two and I'm sewing up a new lunch bag for skater girl. Ah yes, she's got a uniform this year. It's so funny that she's transitioning from private school to public and this means that now she has to wear a uniform. But it's not too bad, just khakis and polo shirts. I'm a little bummed because it is way fun to dress a little girl let me tell ya. But even though at first she was pretty put out by the idea of it, when we were in in the dressing room trying on said khakis and polos, she got a little glint of something in her eye, and liked what she saw. I think she felt like a big kid all of a sudden. It was pretty adorable. And it's a relief not to have to worry about all the social baggage that comes with wearing the right clothes.

But knitting, I was talking about knitting! I'm working on a baby sweater for my cousin, I'm using it as a transition back into knitting because I've been out for a little while. I had an attempt at some booties a month or two ago, but it didn't go well. Anyway, in this issue of interweave I spotted the perfect Christmas gift for my mom, which I plan to get to work on as soon as this baby sweater is out of the way. And this little number for me for sure. There's all kinds of great patterns- this is literally the first issue I've seen in awhile that I really liked!

I'm psyched, I just got news that I now have a master's degree. And that I'll be presenting at a conference in Boston in the fall. It feels great to have something under my belt after all this feeling like I've been working my butt off. Hopefully only two more years. (And then postdoc after postdoc followed by real life?) Anyway, this year I do NOT have to teach (yay!) and I do NOT have to take classes (for credit, I'm auditing two... ah, oh well) and I'm going to be writing my first real paper (75 or so pages, yippee!) So it should be a *great* time. I'm looking forward to fall. My favorite season is when the seasons change. As much as I work work work to try to keep it together, I just don't like routine.

The only constant is change! embrace it!

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