You think we're in the movies, but movies never move me

Summer is slowly drawing to a close. It's whipped by in a frenzy. Thank goodness we are going to the beach this week, or it would just be too sad that it's over. We're flying up to Rhode Island on Thursday, and will be staying in a beach house for one week. I hope that all goes well, we're sharing the house with another couple that I only half-heartedly get along with, and who knows how many tree-climbers will be crashing with us. The reason we're going up is for the international tree climbing competition. I'm excited about the comp, but much more excited to chill on the beach,read and grill out.

I've been seeing our old friends the gold finches this weekend. It's these traditions that make you appreciate staying in one place for awhile. Since I moved out of my parents house when I was 17, I never stayed in one place for longer than a year, sometimes less. This year I've been getting that old itch that the grass is greener on another street. And we talked about getting a new house. But I'm starting to realize that in order to really attain our dream place, the one with the dozen or so acres, with a creek, wandering herb gardens and orchards, the house with a sunroom and a rustic kitchen, with concrete coutertops that we poured our selves, the house with a small guest house, where relatives can feel like they have their own space and will stay as long as they please, and countless other little things that we've talked about for years, in order to ever get this, we're going to have to save some money!! And that means just being patient, really patient. And just appreciating what we have now. Which is a yard full of huge sunflowers that our little girl plants every year, and every year, in late summer the tiny little goldfinches that eat the seeds. It's one of those things that I really treasure. Along with the sweet peas on the back fence. And dinners out on the deck with good friends. It's actually been a delight to see SG recognize and note every little perennial popping up this year. She's now old enough to remember last summer. Which means that she's old enough to remember this when she's older, right? I hope she remembers her giant sunflower house and the goldfinches who remember our yard on their path down south.


ily said...

don't forget about the free range chickens!

maepress said...

and goats and dogs and bunnies!


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