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I'm not into facebook. I do not understand what the point of it is. My husband loves it, and checks it a lot, and yes I look over his shoulder sometimes because we have a lot of the same friends. But, first of all- it's mostly the same people always. You may have 154 "friends" but you will see the same annoying 10 people posting mostly meaningless updates about their life. Some of these are people we see all the time which makes it seem even more inane to me. I bet a teenager's facebook is much more interesting. Us thirty-somethings are unbearably boring. Rather than posting about the best or most interesting thing you saw or heard or did that day, people usually just write some sort of mindless, self-centered comment like "our driveway is covered in mulberries and I just spent an hour cleaning it up". Whoever you are, I don't care about your stupid berries. Why don't you bake a pie? Bake a pie and give it to someone you love. I do not want to keep filling my head with other's negativity. So, that- in addition to the fact that the people I want to talk to and find out what's going on in their lives, I DO in fact talk to, keeps me from joining. That and the fear that I might be found by people from my past. I have a long and checkered past and I'd like to keep it that way, thanks. It would only be a matter of time I'm sure.

That said, I've spent the better part of this hot day laying on the couch staring at the ugly nail polish on my toenails and reading books. My stomach hurts, so I've done very little today. Oh well- I don't really care about being lazy. I'm one of the people for whom incarceration would really not be much of a punishment. I wonder why that is? I've been contemplating that a lot lately, why some people are so motivated to work like little ants. Exactly what it is that they are all striving towards? I know that the idea that one day they will stop and relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor is a farce. If they can't enjoy life now, they probably never will. Although, I guess I understand that for some people work is life and work is happiness. But, I don't really believe that as I type it. I don't actually understand it. Mostly, I just wish that said individuals did not come so judgmental. The one's around me seem to anyway. I guess that's why I don't truly believe that they're happy. It's like religion, if they really thought that theirs was the best way, would there need to be all of this convincing others to do it too? Or thinking that people who weren't like you were in some way flawed? It's such a narrow-minded point of view, to think that you can know what's best for another person. The world takes all kinds is my belief. We are a bizarre species, and I will never tire of laughing at us and our absurd behaviors.

I'm going to lay on the couch for the whole day- and I don't care. I'm reading three books and listened to three great interviews on NPR. Although I did read an article in the washington post about parents accidentally locking their children in cars and killing them, which really has colored my day poorly. The question the article was asking was should these people be considered murderers if it were an accident? Honestly, it all goes back to the sheer busy-ness of our society. Everyone of these individuals the article talked about had something else on their minds or were stressed out or having several phone conversations, etc. It may sound cruel but something tells me that if it were a briefcase full of millions of dollars, they would not have "forgotten" about it. Priorities are skewed in these cases. I can't help the fact that I'm wary of workaholics, it's just how I feel. I don't think that they are especially kind or thoughtful people. They seem not to be interested in the simple enjoyment of life. Which is a shame, but a wake up call like suffocating your own child is too much. It makes me profoundly sad. This is what we've become. It will not last I'm sure. We as a culture will have to develop an appreciation for our health, our planet and our children if we expect to thrive. These things can't really be overlooked, they're basically the stuff of which we are made.

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ily said...

sending you rainbows and flowers! sounds like the heat might be 'taking the piss out of you' (as they might say here). i agree with all of your rants about facebook, but my mom just sent me an invite lol.
maybe you should come for a winter visit to nzed to cool off! ;-)


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