Spring Fever

I've got it! I'm obsessing about my garden, pulling books off the shelf, going to the library, consulting the internet. I've got a slug problem, so I need to get some iron phosphate apparently. I might try a beer trap too, although it does seem a shame to waste beer. Right now, I've got some major plans for fertilizer, staking, and more plants... if it would only stop raining!! I managed to snap some shots of the early bloomers yesterday in a moment of dryness. Above there is our chamomile which has taken off this year, we have little one's all over the place. I'm determined to dry some for teas this year. I think some homemade teas would make lovely gifts.

Our little strawberries are popping out, and the roses look fantastic this year, although they might be in need of a trim. My salad greens are great, aside from the aforementioned slimy folk. Yesterday I put in four heirloom tomatoes, and a couple eggplants and some cilantro. I've never had good luck with cilantro, but that was in hot South Carolina, maybe it'll be happier here. That is if I can keep little fingers away from it. SG and her neighbor friends love to pick the herbs. Which is fine in a few weeks, but they're far too puny right now.

I had my first salad from the garden yesterday. Buttery delicious lettuces. It's amazing how much better these greens taste. Too bad I can't remember the names of any of them. I just bought a random flat of them at my favorite garden center, piling them in with no real rhyme or reason. That's okay though- you don't have to know the names of them to know that they're good to eat. Now if I could only convince SG of that. I keep telling her that if she likes basil and mint she should also like salad. It doesn't help that she has a thing against condiments, and so won't put any dressing on them. Even I have to admit that I eat a lot more salad if there's some annie's shitake and sesame dressing in the house!

Just a note, I found out that wood mulch can actually leach nitrogen from your veg beds, which may have been why my peppers were so crummy last year. I think I'm going to scrape off the little bit left, and just use compost as mulch, or possibly straw. Which could either help with the slugs by bringing slug-eating beetles, or make them even happier. Anybody got any suggestions for good garden covering?

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Jesses Mess said...

The garden looks amazing (and delicious!)


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