If you are a kindergartener in Louisville...

These are the types of activities you do to celebrate the beginning of May. Not to mention the fact that the Oaks is a holiday that you get off from school. (that's the day before Derby- and it's mostly for the teachers- kids don't generally go to the track :)

Then there's derby day itself. We always go to our friend's house one street over, who throws an incredible party every year. For this year I decided to make mint julep cupcakes, and boy were they a hit. They were long gone before the race. Also on the menu of course was benedictine, various cheese dips, fruit salad, derby pie, ham sandwiches, and an assortment of homemade goodies that other guests brought. And of course, a LOT of bourbon and mint! Fun was had by all, no winners in our family, but there were three people at the party who picked mine that bird- and the pot was $550- not too shabby! Gotta love the Derby- it's one of my favorite things about this town- all weekend you hear "happy derby!". The fancy hats and clothes, it's a blast. Plus my other good friends also make an unbelievable post derby brunch, with hangover cures of all kinds. This year, there was a quiche made with asparagus picked from their garden and fresh eggs from the chickens in their backyard, all kinds of grilled veggies, homemade biscuits and gravy, fresh berries and real whipped cream, thick bacon, and this year they added a smoothie bar. It was great. I feel much better!!

Here's to great friends and local fare, and enjoying the unique things about where you are- wherever that may be!!


ily said...

yum! were the cupcakes really mint julep flavor? They look great!

maepress said...

that they were, complete with bourbon and creme de mint! Although you couldn't really taste the alcohol, the adults gobbled them up before the kiddos did anyway!


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