Louisville Locavore

I've been inspired lately by many things; gardening, farmer's market starting back up, trips to the garden store, discussions at work about the omnivore's dilemma (everyone's reading it), pride in my city and all the great work that's going on here to keep things fresh and local. I've decided I'm going to try harder to try to eat more local produce and eat what's in season. Unfortunately, when I looked at the interactive map at epicurious, which is a very cool page by the way, but Kentucky is practically the only state that has nothing ready yet!! So, I guess it's still root vegetables for me. Here's a lovely recipe for a gratin over at The Kitchen Sink. I'd like to come up with a really yummy parsnip recipe, I love them but I am still not sure what to do with them. Here's a recipe for carrot and parsnip latkes. It looks promising. At any rate, here's to a week or two more of eating my roots it's okay, because it's cold and rainy outside so it still generally feels like winter comfort food. Soon we'll have some asparagus and salad greens, soon soon.


ily said...

eh, indiana is just across the border. enjoy some imported spinach and asparagus ;-)

Buffy said...

The Bardstown Farmers Market has been having lots of spinach, hydroponic lettuce, apples, and honey (as well as meat and eggs). It's open Saturdays 10-12.



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