A little sewing

So, it's been a very slow week- taking care of the youngin'. She's had the flu for her whole entire spring break, not fun. But we've done a lot of painting and sewing, planting seeds, just general puttering around the house. Here's my sweet little lunch bag that I made to carry my soup with me to school.

I've been reading A Homemade Life the past week- such a beautiful book. I've always adored the author's bog orangette, and her book is just a very warm and cozy way of enjoying her tales and recipes, as well as learning a little more about her as a person- she's quite interesting. She's inspired me to make a big pot of soup today and carry it with me all week, with a baguette and some goat cheese. Yum. Looks like I'll be needing it too, since I feel very funky this morning. My chest hurts and my muscles are aching. Not a good sign! Oh well. There's nothing I can do about it now.
We've also been working on a nature table. This is something that I know is a big waldorf school tradition, but also one shared by a couple of my other favorite bloggers, resurrection fern, and soulemama Right now our table houses some of the things found and brought home, and also some things that we already had (lots of seashells!) SG and I sat down and made a couple of paintings to hang up too, they are seasonal- and hopefully we can make this a little tradition to do a new one each month. Hers is a picture of forsythia, her favorite spring flower right now, a saucer magnolia and a redbud. She also loves it when the cat hops up on to the table, so she can say "Look, Bath is nature too!"

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