Now we are six

Better late than never... birthday pics!

She's been around the sun six times, older wiser and getting more independent every day. I do miss the little one, but her jokes are way funnier now.

As I had mentioned before, we decided to have a puppet party, which opened with a puppet game show, and then all the kids went into the shop room for sock puppet shenanigans. I loved seeing how each kid's puppet was so different, some wanted big shiny button eyes, some had a rainbow of puffballs down the length of the puppet, others had googly eyes and feathers. A good time was had by all.

I made the traditional butterfly cake, a lemon pound cake- which I made using this recipe, and was absolutely fantastic. And we topped it with cutouts made from starburst
a la angry chicken

So that's it for now- but there will be gardening pics soon- the weather's lovely and we've been working the dirt again. (and there may be some puppy pics too!)


ily said...

So cute!!! Looks like a fun party! I can't believe she is six already!!!

Aunt Morning said...

Say it isn't so.....!! 6!!! Gosh the west coast kids are all turning 16.
What't going on...??Okay so she's cute!! REALLY REALLY CUTE!!! You're the best, thanks for sharing. I just want to skwunch her.


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