I'm sleepy

After taking SG to school this morning, I fell asleep on the couch. I then had a nightmare that I'd slept for 11 hours and it was seven o'clock at night and no one had picked her up from school. Hmmm... methinks I have a guilty conscience. It's the last day of spring break. I do not think that I should be napping neccessarily, but if there's one (and only one) thing that bugs me about being in school it's the incessant guilt. There always seems to be something better I could be doing with my time. Sigh. I should grade/sew/go outside/bake/read/clean... one of the above. Maybe I could grade outside. Kill two birds with one stone! har har. Is it possible to have spring induced ennui? It's too pretty to think about anything. But there it is, I've wasted my entire morning. I think I'll be glad when Monday rolls around and I'm back on schedule. I'm terrible at being self-motivated. This is the end though. After this semester, I have no more classes and will be responsible for my own work. Well, best not to think about that right now... no point in feeling guilty about the slacking that I haven't done yet.

By the way, the little one had her sixth birthday recently. We have some friends that are puppeteers who threw her a really great party. There was puppet making and all kinds of fun. That's a picture of one of their giant eight foot back-pack puppets. I'll post some pics of the party at a later date. I have a cat on my arm that's making this difficult.

***added sometime later***

Oh my gosh, I just discovered this recipe for microwave potato chips. Whoa, talk about adding to my laziness. But they are so good. I don't know if I will ever buy chips again. Now I have to go buy a mandolin and try to make salt and vinegar!

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