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I hate TV. I didn't have one before I met my husband. And we lived without it for awhile. But then, one day he just got one. And then recently, he just got cable. With no real care for the impact it might have had on our lives. I hate it. It feels like an intrusion, like an intruder. It's mind numbing and brainwashing. It's a time suck. It's attractive to my child and pulls her away from better things. I wish we didn't have it. I wish no one had one. I wish people just talked to each other instead of watching fake people talk to each other. I wish more people read books. Unfortunately, we are the minority in our friends, most of whom do not own one of these idiot boxes. I know that's unusual, but still- that fact drives me insane. I see the couples and families that have made the choice not to bring it into the house and they are more productive, have good relationships, better imaginations, and attention spans. But I can't spend so much energy hating it, since I have no choice but to live with it. What to do? I don't know.


ily said...

I used to put a scarf over mine and pretend it wasn't there. They are nice for watching movies though. Ours is a big suck in our house too. And since most of the time I just don't feel well I end up turning it on and hating it cuz it is sooo awful... but I'm too tired to knit or read so I just sit there and let my brain get sucked.
That thing is getting turned off when bubs comes though! ;-)

maepress said...

yeah, it's WAY worse for kids. Even the American Pediatric association says kids under two should have zero screen time. (personally I think it should be at least five)

AuntMorningx4 said...

After 60plus years of "brain-suck", I have to agree with you. Television eeks away your creative juices...(don't tell anyone okay; there's one in my craft room). I think the cable co's use their "boxes" to spy on us too. Soaps make you zombie-like. Use your "choice"; turn it off & make some soup...buy a chicken & make your own noodles...It's fun & well worth the effort. G'ma always said have something cooking & smelling yummy with hubby comes in the door & he probably won't notice the TV missing. In the old days I grew a sweet potatoe vine & it covered the whole thing up.


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