New house thinking...

Since we are planning to buy a new house soon, I've decided that once a week or so I'm going to find some photos of different parts of the house that I like or think are inspiring. Then I'm going to put them in a mosaic and post them! I'm also posting them to flickr along with the url's so people can get their props. Taking a break from grading... I love thinking about decorating and planning a new space. These are all shots from great kitchens. I have a love for retro looking things but also sort-of clean minimalist lines. Kind of like the clean, peaceful orderliness is the backdrop to the bright cheery retro thing-a-ma-jigs. And I also love rustic looking kitchens too, a lot of wood and natural materials. This is always a thing with me, going back and forth between the busy and stark. Our big criteria for the next house is an eat-in kitchen. We found a great one but are not sure yet if we'll be able to get it. Trying not to get too excited about it.

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