My nose hurts...

From putting it back to the grindstone. First week of class and I feel entirely snowed under! This semester I'm taking Cognitive Neuroscience, Hierarchical Linear Modeling, and advanced developmental Psychology. Plus teaching three sections, and my advisor wants me to wrap up my project and create a poster this semester. Oh yeah, and we're looking for a new house.
It is fun house shopping though, that's probably the best part about moving. I love going to look at different houses and seeing all the crazy things. Generally, the houses we're looking at are really old, so they can be pretty quirky. One we looked at on Saturday was entirely pink- and I mean old salmon- with (of course) shag carpet and frilly window treatments. But the best part was you open this closet door on the stairs, and it was actually a bathroom. But not just any bathroom, a all in one, shower with a toilet in the middle of it. Basically, just imagine tiling a closet, putting a toilet in it, and then making it a shower. I know, words can't really describe just how strange it was.

Anyway, here's some older photos, I haven't really been taking many pictures of anything lately. But because I hate to post just words, this is SG's little sewing kit, she was so inspired by Komaneko that she had to make one

and some of her work.

She had the nifty idea of sewing the paper owl to the fabric, I like it.

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