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I can't stop thinking about legwarmers. I know it's because it's really cold, and because Wendy over at knit and tonic had some rad photos of hers with her sweet boots. But anyway, I have to finish this sweater before I allow myself to knit anything else!! And it's slow going. Ahhh, legwarmers- I loved them so much when I was a dancer. I had a pair of thigh high super soft light green ones that made me so happy. And then the point at which the dreaded ballet instructor says it's time for everyone to take off their warm-ups. ugh. I always hated that. Ballet dancers are really tough folks. It's funny, you'd never know because they're supposed to look all light and effortless, but they are Hardcore. We're taking SG to the ballet this weekend and I'm really excited. Some good friends of ours bought us tickets for Christmas. So sweet. It's been a really long time since I've been to a dance performance. And SG's never been to a ballet!
I'm sure I'll be knitting her some legwarmers too. Hopefully in January!


ily said...

Um yeah - those boots are totally hot. I hunted them out (at work and got caught by my boss!!! but that's another story) and they are like $600 or maybe more!!! I found some knock-offs too (yeah work was busy last friday!) but I know that the brand is way not comfortable. Also she had the yarn sent away and knit on a machine! I'm so jealous.

Aunt Morning said...

Hi sweet niece and niecette: just caught up with you today...I remember when you "were" a balerina...Check it out; you STILL are a dancer; once it's in your heart (and in your toes) you can never let it go...Dance makes your eyes glisten, did you know that? I bet just saying the word makes you smile...you "hardcore" chick..


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