oh brother

So I've finally started on the sweater for the oak man, that's one massive ball o yarn there. I like the stuff alot though, it seems like it will make a nice heavy, fisherman's style of fabric. I wanted something that was fairly stiff and manly. Many of the cobblestone's that I've seen so far look too drapey for my taste. I've knitted up a gauge swatch so far. But we're leaving for a long trip, and I'm hoping I can knock out a lot of the knitting in the car and on vacation.

second up are these little cuties by one of my favorite crafters at weewonderfuls. It's my plan to make two of them for skater girl for christmas, and my mom's generously offered to help make the clothes, which would be great. I probably need to come up with some sort of time frame for working on these. I'm sure that they will take me much longer than I think they will! But I'm going to keep it simple and only take on these two (albeit huge) projects for Christmas. If by some amazing miracle things go swimmingly, I might make a little something for my friend's kids. I'm still going to try to only buy handmade though.

I'd also like to come up with a fun and easy project for skater girl to make for her friends.

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