Bikes hats and cats

Yesterday I walked into the bookstore with no real intention to buy anything, and happened to pick up this book. Rarely am I so taken with a craft book that I feel that I must take it home no matter what, but this book is just that. It is so undeniably cute it's ridiculous. 50% of the book is just silly photos of sock creatures doing silly things. It almost reads like a picture book, for at least 20 pages. Then it has some very clear and concise directions for making the wacky things. But it leaves a lot to the imagination. So of course as soon as SG got home from school we dragged out the big basket of socks and dug through to find some solitaries. This is our first little guy, and she's on a mission to make more this afternoon.

This little friend is Kit, and she sleeps a lot, in a shoe. (which I find delightful, considering she's a sock!) Today we're making her a sister. I'll showcase their adventures soon. (I so don't want to go back to school :)
So, as for the knitting, here's a sample of my tapestry hat.

It's a great pattern, only 3 rows long, and it's easy enough to remember. My favorite kind of pattern. And this yarn is yummy.
And finally, the long awaited bike. I love it to pieces! (Bath seems to approve) And it's still warm and sunny thank goodness!


ily said...

very nice things! :D
i knit with a girl that makes really cool sock monkeys.
is SG doing some sewing on her own now?

maepress said...

she will sew in an embroidery hoop, but pulling seams together is a bit tricky. She drew the face on though.


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