One of the things on my mind a lot lately has been elasticity. As in, I'm seriously loosing mine. I've got to do something about it! I never really know how to fit in a "workout" into my day. (or even what that means- I've never "worked out" in my entire life) If I can bike to school, I feel pretty good about it, but for now- I can't and I'm also starting to just sag allover basically. I guess it's my "thirty year-old change" and I'll admit it, I'm not overweight- I'm just out of shape. I don't like having things jiggle when I go up the stairs.
SO, anyway- I discovered this funny site One Hundred Push-ups Which I figure is worth a shot, at least to help me get motivated to do some sort of exercise. I also found this great website- that I just love, even though I haven't used it enough yet. Yoga Today is a completely free website that posts new routines everyday. The videos are full length classes, shot in gorgeous settings- and the teachers from what I can tell so far, are great. They'll even send you a weekly email letting you know what classes are coming that week. I love it, because it means I can have a class at anytime, which is great since my schedule just doesn't allow me to take a real class. So there it is, biking some yoga and trying to do a hundred push-ups. Sounds like a plan I guess. I don't know, having a kiddo makes it incredibly hard to get exercise. Well, that combined with grad school and having a husband that works until the sun goes down. Ah well, I figured that posting it would help me hold to it. My goal this week is to do the push-up week one, and at least two yoga days. It's a start. Hopefully my bike has come in and I can add that to the list!

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ily said...

word up. i work out regularily, don't have a kid, am not in grad schoool and still sag...
it's hard to be motivated especially if you don't enjoy it. That's why I like doing things like cycling and yoga - at least I enjoy it. Have you looked into the gym on campus? You may get a free membership (or one included in your tuition fees) and they should have classes (like yoga and pilates) that you can just drop in on when you have the time. I also enjoy lifting weights more than cardio stuff plus the more muscle you have the more calories you burn so bonus there!


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