this is just too cool

Mama Bakfiets Race
Originally uploaded by Amsterdamize.

I don't know what it is about northern europe and their bike awesomeness but I'm starting to notice a trend...
These bikes are the greatest! I love the concept, here you might very occasionally see someone toting their kids around in one of these, but I've never seen anything as cool as those bikes above, they sort of look like wheelbarrows. It looks like the kids would have a nice view, and you could keep a good eye on them.

Anyway, I think one of these would be especially fun, I wish I could find one used.

Well, I guess that's it for my bike rambling, my Kona's been ordered and will hopefully come in soon, the weather's starting to cool off a little and I'm getting so antsy!!

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ily said...


I like those bikes in the top pic too, looks like you could just scoop up some kids. tee hee.


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