School shopping

I got some new clothes for school today. I'm such a kid, I swear. I love getting school supplies and crap like that. This is my last year of classes though, so I guess it won't be as exciting next year.

At any rate, I just got three sweaters, a shirt, and a cute little audrey hepburn style shift dress. But the tags from the sweaters were all so cute that I had to photograph them! I've come to a decision, probably after being totally obsessed with the aesthetic of japanese craft books for awhile now. I've decided that I'm going to try to stick only with black, white and grey in my wardrobe.

I tried it today and it made shopping so easy. And that way, everything will match. It may sound dull, but I feel like it will make life easier. I will of course still have jeans and an occasional color accent, but for the most part- I'm going to keep it simple simple. Also great inspiration, lotta jansdotter.


ily said...

but what about BROWN!

maepress said...

oh yeah, I guess I'll add that to the list.


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