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A little sewing humor, even though I haven't done any. Oh well, I think maybe on Sunday I will spend the day making my tote for school. The problem is not the motivation, I simply cannot settle on a design. I think I want something boxy and sort of rough looking, and then I think I want decorative pockets and a cool folding bottom, and then I'm all, what about exposed seams? or leather? Argh. I think I should just commit myself to the fact that I'll probably just make three bags. Anyway, since I bought new clothes the other day, I did what I usually do and bagged up a bunch of clothes for the goodwill. However, I also finally decided that my collection of 60's coats which don't fit has got to go. I have one which I adore, and that one I'm going to keep, but I have some others that, while they are totally fabulous and union made and everything, they just don't fit. And one of them actually made my husband remark that I looked like a christmas ornament. It's a very cute red a-line wool coat with big sparkly buttons, but being that it swallowed me up, it was just not flattering. I'm happy though because I took them to this cool vintage shop and the owner bought the red one and a black fur coat that was so fabulous, but same problem. It was great, because she's kind of statuesque, tall with long red hair and the coats looked really great on her, I could see their potential.

At any rate, I still have this funny raincoat which is where the Misty Harbor tag came from, and I guess I'll hold onto for the time being. It's pretty cute, it may just need a belt. And the other tag is from a sweater which, while totally cool, is really not comfortable or warm, so it's probably going to go to the goodwill, but first let's just remember a time when being suburban was so cool that they actually put it on the label...

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