Hot fun in the city

So, sorry about the last post- I needed to vent. And thanks for the encouraging words! The last day of summer turned out to be a lot of fun, playing at the gym with friends- getting all our last minute errands run and ending with a picnic at the pool. I just wanted to post some pictures of the garden right now, because it's full of giant things...
like cantaloupe

and cucumbers

there's some tiny tomatoes though,

and a giant sunflower- and if you look really close,(click on the pic) you can see some tiny goldfinches! They always come this time of year to eat the sunflower seeds- but man are they shy, this was the best shot I could get.

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Kym said...

Great looking edibles! My vegie-growing attempts have been fair-to-poor, so hopefully this coming spring we'll fare as well as you.


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