Typically I'll write about the joys of parenthood. But not the case today. I am sick and taking care of a healthy child is way worse than being well and taking care of a sick child. I guess, it's pretty hard to say really. At any rate, I can't stand the thought of food right now and I feel like the kiddo's been asking me all day to make her food, she can't seem to do anything for herself. And top that off with the fact that our kitchen is terribly bare. Add a dash of insecurity based on the fact that mom obviously wants to be left alone, which means that she must stay as close as possible and say "mom" "watch this mom" "look at this mom" every ten seconds. It's now about four o'clock and I'm almost at my wit's end. She's going completely stir crazy, the house is trashed and I have no energy to even consider doing anything about it. And of course the least sympathetic man in the world is coming home in a few hours. Someone who thinks that it's really impressive to cut off your finger and then go back to work the very next day. Personally, I think people like that are idiots driven by a failed health care system. Oh well. Tomorrow is officially the last day of summer break for poor skater girl. I really hope that I can make it a fun day. Because this one is completely sucking.


Donna said...

Oh man, that's rotten. I hope you got at least a little relief when your husband got home!

ily said...

you can send skatergirl over to my house! :D
Feel better soon!
Did he really cut his finger off? Did it get reattached?

maepress said...

yes and yes! And it was cut off by a piece of wood, **shudder**


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