Olympic cuteness

So my daughter recently started taking gymnastics, and all over her gym are pictures of the new Olympic mascots. I am just crazy about them, they're so cute! The whole story is so great too, how they each represent a different animal and element, and then their names said together actually mean "welcome to Beijing". I love the summer Olympics. It's strange, because in a lot of ways I disagree with China's politics- but I've always felt that the magical thing about the Olympics is that they transcend political systems and for a brief time all countries can come together. I don't know, I know that there's been violence during the games in the past, and that it may be silly to forget about the fact that many people are oppressed. I'm just a sucker for world peace and sometimes when watching the Olympics it seems possible.

and if that's not enough sweetness for you, check out these little guys made by berry sprite over at etsy!


Amigurumi Zoo said...

That is simply adorable!

Veron said...

It's really cute!

Ein moon said...

i totally want those


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