Bending the Rules

So I joined this swap, the Bend the Rules Sewing Swap. It's based off of a book by Amy Karol (she has a great great blog, angry chicken- it's one of those that I check almost daily) So anyway, her book is very cool- it has lots of simple and cute little projects. The idea behind the swap is to make a project from the book and send it off to a partner, then receive one in return. The people doing the swap have already done one project it looks like. This particular project is a set of place mats and napkins, and I think this will be the only one I do. First of all, I just really don't work well with deadlines on crafty stuff. Life gets in the way, and if I'm making something for myself I don't have to go through all this guilt and stress about something that should be fun. However, the main issue is just that it looks like most of these ladies are way better seamstresses than me. My place mats are pretty wonky, and I hope that my partner doesn't mind a little crookedness and imperfection. Let's see... first I sewed the front and back together accidentally on one of them, then I sewed the side of on to itself, I sewed one place mat inside out the first time, and finally- the seams are so crooked- it's pretty disappointing. There's talk in the flickr group of people restarting their projects because of how pretty other people's are. First of all, I do like mine well enough, I pretty much fixed all the mistakes and tried my very best to make up for it with pressing and sewing carefully. And second of all- seriously? This book is obviously geared towards novice sewers. If I thought I was getting into a swap with people who were pros I probably wouldn't have done it! Anyway, it's been fun, I've learned a lot, which is very important- and one of the bigger motivations I have for doing swaps in the first place. So, I just hope that my partner likes them and appreciates the fact, that although they're not perfect, I worked pretty hard on them- and that's just the way it goes with handmade stuff! (and actually, come to think of it- that's why I like handmade stuff, because it has "character" :)


ily said...

i'd put those bad boys on my table ;-)

kristin said...

Wow, you got them so fast! I'm really glad you like them!! I had a lot of fun working on it for you. Hope your daughter enjoys the bird!!! :)


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