Skater Girl and I found this copy of Pippi Longstocking at the library the other day, and although it's a chapter book with few illustrations- she's just in love with it. Every night we read one chapter before bed. I can't believe that I never read this as a child, I would have absolutely loved it! And this version, with the fabulous illustrator Lauren Child is great. We just love when one of the pictures does pop up, because she'll incorporate the words into the picture in some interesting way.
So I guess that my mind is in total summer mode, because I've been staying up so late the past week. My short summer class is over, and now I'm free to do pretty much what I want this summer. Granted I still have research to do- but that's got such a nice free-form flexibility to it, unlike class and studying.
I was out gardening at 10 o'clock tonight- I pulled up the spinach and arugula which were both flowering and put in some seeds. Unfortunately my trusty local garden store didn't have any more veggie plants - so tonight I planted some cucumber, squash, snap pea, and green bean seeds. And SG and her buddy planted some cantaloupe and honeydew seeds yesterday. Here's hoping it's not too late for them!
I hate feeling so tired in the morning, but the peace of the house, with everyone asleep right now- I just love it.

Oh yeah, we've got a new member of our family (the only one not sleeping at the moment) He's a cavy, (I guess this is what real guinea pig lovers call them), and his name is Bacon, but I've been calling him "the GP". He actually belongs to SG's class but we're taking care of him over the summer. I think he must be happy to be in a relatively quiet environment- and we let him roam around the garden almost everyday. I didn't realize that guinea pigs will forage on grasses and like fresh fruits and veggies. He got super excited over a cucumber today.

One final note- we saw Kung-Fu Panda today, and now, I am quite partial to kung-fu movies myself, but this was one awesome movie. I would totally recommend it to my adult, kidless friends!

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