Is there something wrong with me?

I seem to be really obsessing over trivial things lately. I can't seem to concentrate my head on the things that really matter and get any real work done. I meant to clean my dirty house today, I really did. But I instead ended up trying on probably 50 pairs of pants in 12 different stores trying to find the perfect pair of wide-leg linen pants. Which I never found. I mean really, why is no one selling linen pants? Anyway, I got no grocery shopping done, no clothes folded, no floors mopped. Add to that list, no reading done for my research, no sewing done for the ka-zillion projects I have in my mind. Then I came home and took a nap. I've got total summer brain drain it looks like. I've literally spent the last hour surfing trying to come up with the perfect tote. I'd love to make it myself, although these very talented seamstresses also deserve our money. Not to mention it'd probably hold up so much better. But then I find myself wondering why in the world do I want to carry a tote bag around for school? I'm sure it will kill my shoulder with all my books. I just love the look of it is all. It's not really practical. So I'm spending time looking for things that I don't really need, that aren't either relevant or practical for my life. I could be reading a book, or making something. Here's the inspiration I've amassed.

I'm definitely seeing a trend here, I like natural fabrics and colors, a fairly boxy look and pretty short straps.
By the way, all of these bags can be found at etsy

any opinions are welcome, about the bags that is- not my ennui.

okay, that's it! I'm making a vow. No surfing, no TV, and no shopping for one week. Let's just see if my productivity increases. I should add to that no drinking, but seriously- it's summer.


ily said...

Blue number 2 is my fave, but the model looks like she could use some inspiration, or something! So I throw my lunch and all my tits and tats in one of those green grocery totes that you can get at the super market for a dollar and I'm pretty cool with it. But yesterday blue was like we really need to get you a nice tote so you can stop carrying around that grocery bag. So now I'm on a quest to find the perfect tote (I really like the square bottom of the grocery bags), but I would rather buy a sewing machine and make one myself...

On linen pants, when I was a skinny drunk living in Portugal I bought these amazing wide-legged linen pants, but then I stopped drinking all my meals and my a** grew and they haven't fit me in quite a while... If my memory serves me right, your a** is smaller than mine...

maepress said...

actually, these days since I've been sitting on my a** so much, it's grown a bit.
Thankfully I got out yesterday and went to a dance class- I'm feeling a lot better.

I love the blue one too- check out all their bags under moop at etsy.

ily said...

yeah i've eyed those bags up before... a little out of my budget unfortunately :(

Anonymous said...

Sweetie Pie...You deserve some time for you to do really frivelous stuff. You stay very busy & you create at breakneck speed...At least you didn't buy just anything which by the way runs in the family. You sound more interested in the search than the "kill" of an innocent pair of shoes of which I own plenty...Let me check on you linen pants...what color do you have in mind? I probably own them...I do have a nice pair of lined white ones.


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