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Motherhood is something I think about pretty much everyday. It's amazing to me how I feel like I've aged so much more since I've had a child, yet- I see the world as a new and exciting place, and feel so much younger than I did. My body is tired and stretched and I've got permanent circles under my eyes.

But everyday, I laugh at the ridiculous and wonderful things that come out of the mouth and mind of my kid. She gave me a card this morning that says
"cleaning the house while a child is still growing is like shoveling the walk while it's still snowing." along with this sweet little birdhouse she made at school.

I think about the fact that if I didn't have a kid that my body would still be aging and maybe my mind would too. I've had a chance to reinvent myself since having a child, discovering creativity that I wouldn't have, and a sense of humor and kindness. I understand what's like to care about something more than myself. And I appreciate my OWN mother so much more!!!
Happy Mother's Day!!

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ily said...

you two are soooo cute! happy mother's day (a bit late)!!!


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