Garden News

Our first harvest from the garden! It's spinach and buttercrisp lettuce. So good! Even the little one is eating the greens, which is a new thing. I've now put in six tomatoes and six pepper plants too.

Our Lilac is blooming next to the front porch and everytime I walk outside it smells fabulous. One more thing to love about living here, so many lilacs, I was never around them growing up in the south. Not sure why, I guess they need cold winters?
SG and I were working on a new swap today, it's an "adopt a matchbox critter". You take a small matchbox and outfit it for a tiny "critter" (we're doing pom-pom caterpillars) and make an adoption certificate. She's having a great time making one of her own. It's too bad I don't smoke anymore, I could use the matches. I guess I could throw them in a jar or something. SG's really into reusing things right now, every box for crackers, tissues etc, or bottle or what-have-you has to be "saved" for making things. So far, I'm liking the creativity that it seems to inspire. I may have to establish a box or something for her to save these things in until it's time to use them (but not the recycling bin, she's too smart for that) Because although to her it looks like treasure, to the naked eye, it looks like we're not throwing out our trash.
Anyway, I'm going to try to squeeze in some snap peas somewhere in the garden, this might take some imagination too.

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