Eating well in the South

Skater Girl and I have made the trek down to South Carolina for the week. I am just loving it here so much! It's probably the perfect time of year- 70's, not too hot, a little chilly at night, just right to leave the windows cracked and snuggle under a blanket. Here's some things we've done,
* hiked to the little waterfall near the house
* went to the local bead store and made a necklace (SG) and some earrings (me)
* weeded mom's flower bed (and found a tiny snake and had a chipmunk run right past my knee!)
* play play play (SG)
* picnicked in the park with friends
* super taco!!
* started a couple new books, one being the tour of the calculus- which is my big project this summer (to learn calculus!)
* watched a squirrel building a nest over my morning coffee

Ahhh, it's all so relaxing and the days drag so nicely.

tonight we'll be grilling out with some friends, who will actually be here momentarily, so I'd better get started!

(hopefully will have some photos soon- with my usual flakiness, I brought the camera- but no battery!)

1 comment:

ily said...

yeah spring in the south!!!
sounds like you two are busy!


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