Parties and playtime

Well, the party ended up being pretty great, even though I thought for a moment there that it was going to be a disaster. Skater Girl's fifth, I can hardly believe it. There were fourteen kids. And numerous parents and friends of ours. And beer, and Pimm's cups- and a butterfly cake. I used a lemon pound cake recipe I found on the web, I must say- it was good, but I still want to try it again. I'd like to see if I could get it better, and also- I didn't get any! Fourteen kids is a lot of cake!! Anyway, she had a blast, I think pretty much everyone else did too, there was no crying at any rate. Other than that, I was just running around the whole time. So afterwards, she had a sleepover- which began with this silliness that you see here. I actually missed it, because my friend from school was having a potluck for the other experimental grad students. That sounds funny- there's two parts to the psychology department, the clinical psychology program and the experimental psychology program. The experimental students don't see a whole lot of eachother, because we're pretty much always in our labs. My lab isn't even on campus, so I see the other students only during my stats class. But, it was a nice little party, not may people showed up- but after the kids party, I so did not need another big party. We had some good dinner- wine, chatting- it was nice. But the sleepover- the sleepover! It was her first one of those, and man was she ever psyched. Her buddy from school and our old neighbor and good friend's kid. They had fun- and I've never seen kids put on their pajamas so fast! Anyway, I'm glad it's over- it's such a huge deal to kids at this age, they get hyped to the point of it being almost out of control. Or at least mine did. So now things are getting back to normal- and next week is Spring Break- hell yeah. Granted, I'll still be studying and writing, but at least no classes. And hopefully I can get some more crafting done!


ily said...

seriously, five? that's just crazy talk.

maepress said...

I know!!!


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