the last hurrah?

It looked like this when I woke up this morning.

So I ground up some of my freshly roasted beans from Ray's Monkey House

and cooked up some of these

It was a lovely morning.
At around 10 or so though I did have to actually bundle up and go out in it. I taught to a class of about 13 brave souls (it was coming down pretty hard at that point and showing little signs of stopping.)
Anyway, now my kiddo is tucked in for the night- it's still snowing, the Oak man just clumped out in it down to the neighborhood bar- and it's just me and this odd fellow.

Hopefully spring is right around the corner- but for now, I'm enjoying these last little pieces of coziness.

1 comment:

ily said...

mmmm snow, coffee, cinnabuns, and kitty :D


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