I really must dash

So I just discovered a really neat new blog project while totally procrastinating a paper I should be writing. It's called eight by eight. Two friends have decided to send eachother each month an eight by eight package with supplies to make an eight by eight piece of art. Each month has a specific theme. It's very cool. Do enjoy.

I find myself on days like this wondering why I'm going to school instead of opening a hip little craft shop to sell wares of fellow crafters and just make things all day. The Oak man's business is really flourishing these days and he got frustrated with my talk of having to go where the job may be as is the life of an academic. Apparently that is not part of his plan. Perhaps I'll get my PhD and then open a shop and do nothing with my degree. That would be in-keeping with the nonesensical structure that has been my life thus far.

And such continues the ongoing stuggle of a creative life verses an intellectual one. But these decisions are not to be made at 10:12 at night when one has a paper to write and an exam to study for.

Hence the title.

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