Busy- ness

Spring break flew by without my getting much done, besides studying and writing. I did have the chance to take SG to the park to ride her new bike, which she's crazy about. And then my parents and bro came up to visit this past weekend. We got to go to Proof, which is always awesome. And had a big brunch with family and friends the day after. The Oak man and I also got a romantic night away in a hotel. Definately going to be doing that again- as often as possible! Coasting along with only a month left of school. I must remember to find a summer program for the kiddo. She gets to go to camp this summer- since she is now five, which for the pre-school set is apparently like turning 21. Swimming lessons everyday, and sports and out door art- I'm psyched! Oh well, only a short post tonight because, well I'm tired and have another long day tomorrow. Life is busy. I seriously don't know what happened to March.

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