Breathing a sigh of relief

I was beginning to think that spring was never going to come.
Today I got to ride my bike to school, for the first time in months (woo, I am out of shape, let me tell ya!)
Here are some of the lovelies that I saw on the ride...
cheerfully magical forsythia, of course. my favorite since it's always the first thing I see. It is wonderfully bright and ethereal and the perfect harbinger

And then the magnolias start to show up. I forget where they are and then suddenly-
wham, they're lining the streets on the way to my lab!

I love these trees that bloom before they leaf out- they perfectly mirror my impatiance with winter.

(star magnolia flowers always remind me of little ballerinas twirling)

And, of course these little guys are absolutely everywhere. We had a dozen pop up in our front yard this year- no idea where they came from

I have plans on the next nice day (it's raining now of course) to take pictures of all of these things, since these are not my own. Springtime in Louisville can't be beat. And, I think this year- from the incredible amounts of buds on everything- that it's going to be a really good one!

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