Eh- it's Monday

Yesterday I worked for eight hours straight on a paper for psychoacoustics. I didn't get to go outside or anything. Granted, it's 20 degrees and gross here so, who really cares? Anyway, if you can believe it the damn thing's still not done. I've got a bit of a rabbit hole problem when it comes to research. I sit down to read one article and before you can say "frequency selectivity" I'm off looking for one of the references, and then another, and then reading that one, and then to the library to check out a book that was referenced, and then I get an idea for an entirely new paper. So, I definitely have the interest, it's just pounding it out that's a problem. But I do love to write. So that's good. Anyway- the funny part is, this is the first real paper I've written in almost ten years! So I think I'm allowed a little frazzled thinking. This year I'm on a very very very steep learning curve.

But last night, I was able to come home from the lab to a husband doing laundry- always a treat. And get started on my little girl's birthday project. I'm crocheting her this little ami. I made one for a swap awhile back (actually, come to think of it, I never got one sent to me-hmmmmm) And she's been begging me ever since to make her one. I'm trying out this new Vanna White yarn. I'm not too crazy about it for toys though- it's a bit too thick. I'm curious to try their new cotton yarn too. Oh- and I don't know if I've mentioned it before but ami list is the most amazing site for free toy patterns. There's some knit one's in there too.

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ily said...

1) vanna white yarn - WEIRD!
2) thanks for the ami link (everyone is having babies! maybe i'll make some toys, but only after the wedding i think...)
3) glad you at least enjoy writing papers, i would do the same thing but i hated writing so it wasn't as much fun.
4) i think that is all, no more points to make here ;)


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