list-takers :: linen + vintage feedsack patchwork quilt
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I'm obsessing about quilts right now. I think it's partly because I'm really cold. (these past couple days have been the coldest yet this winter) And I saw the most beautiful vintage handsewn quilt yesterday at the flea market for only 50$. I've been thinking about it all day. Also, I've been invited to a baby shower, and it's someone who actually appreciates handmade stuff, so I'm excited to make some little baby things. I'm trying to decide on the best size blanket for a layette. I don't know if I should make a crib size or just a swaddling size. I'm going to make a bib or two and some of these, (and be sure to check out the flickr group for unbearable cuteness!) all with some cool matching flannel that I saw at Hancock. I guess that project will be for next weekend, since this weekend is pretty much over, and I'm trying really really hard to only do school work throughout the week. (For the record though, I think I'll probably keep the baby gifts fairly simple and not be making any quilts, I think I'm going to just make a fleece/flannel smallish one)

***By the way, this photo is from JC Handmade, she's got some really lovely things in her Etsy shop, but they go super fast.

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ily said...

i heart bitty booties <3 <3 <3


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