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Ever since watching the Story of Stuff, I think I hit my capacity for ignoring the issue. I've heard it a lot, sustainability, shop local, shop less, reduce reuse recycle... And for the most part, I do- I tend to shop at thrift stores and flea markets, I love to make things by hand when I can. I try to grocery shop as responsibly as our budget will allow. I guess what really hit home was the message of how we're being manipulated. I am a big proponent of free will, my friends- and I will not be brainwashed into buying crap that I don't need!!! Anway- download this sweet wallet buddy, if you're so inclined. Check out the blog sew green, and try to enjoy what's left of the planet.
If you must know I do feel a bit shitty today since we went out and boogied our brains out last night. which may explain the slightly depressive tone. I've got little motivation to do anything today- but hey, it's sunday. No harm no foul. We've got a super busy weekend next week so I might as well just hang out and enjoy it. (although technically I AM supposed to be doing stats homework right now- oops, maybe I'm a little too chill)


ily said...

on a related rant...
how about the japanese whaling? it probably doesn't get as much press up yander, but down here it is a big deal. well if you are going to kill over 1000 whales, you may as well do it in the name of scientific research. sounds reasonable.

maepress said...

wow- no, that's gotten NO press here.


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