I'm a big fat loser

So I decided to withdraw from the class. Now I'm just taking psychoacoustics and statistics (just regular old stats now) I just couldn't handle the workload. Those two classes are more important to my degree than computational cognitive science and my grades were starting to suffer because of it. I still want to take it, but only if I am taking less overall. I feel like a total failure though. I was really upset about getting out of it, but I think ultimately it will be the best decision. I just hate feeling like a quitter. I kept telling myself that I could just stick it out, but I realized today, after talking to my advisors that it's just not worth not being able to keep my priorities in line. Oh well, I decided tonight to just drink some wine and chill out though. It's funny- I still have a hard semester ahead, but I feel like now that I'll have it easy. Talk to me in a couple of weeks though, when I have a project and a papers to write. I'm sure at that point I'll be glad that I gave it up. Why do I still feel like I'm trying to convince myself? Nothing I can do about it now anyway. Ah! I just have to keep reminding myself that I'm doing auditory perception- I need to stay focused. I can't be distracted by shiny things like inductive reasoning. I know I know- philosophy is only a shiny thing to like one person out of a million- I do love it though, when I buy books for class I always find myself gazing longingly at the philosophy textbooks. Ah hell, I've got four more years, I'm sure I can squeeze in some fun. Right?
Yeah Right.

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