It's begun again. The year, the semester, the elections. This past week has been a whirlwind of activity. I really don't know where my vacation went. Yesterday I finished my and SG's first week back at school. This semester I'm taking Statistics, Psychoacoustics and Computational Cognitive Science- and my brain HURTS.
But I did manage to get some crafting done, tho I have no camera to document it. I do have this one crappy picture taken with my Bro's cell phone. He's visiting this week because he's thinking about going to school here. Anyway, this is a project that I saw here. (I'll put up the link as soon as Flickr comes back from it's break) It's basically fabric stretched into embroidery hoops and hung up. It's purdy.
I also knitted my mom and friend's son hats, sewed SG a new lunchbag, am currently working on a couple of patchwork scarves and baked lots. It was great. I'm bummed that it's over. But it's time now to crack the books. (although I'm definitely finishing those scarves, and knitting my man a sweater over the next few weeks-ahem- months)
We also redid our bathroom and it looks awesome. We painted it a sunny yellow and put up new hardware and shelving.
Well, me and bro are off to watch Juno.

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ily said...

you crafty beotch! how was juno? it's not here yet... :(


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