When did my life become so computational? The other day my classes literally went from computing the combined levels of sound pressure given the decibels, to computing multiple regressions, to bayesian analysis. Huh????? Am I not a psychology major? WTF? Tonight I get to curl up to "Optimal Predictions in Everyday Cognition" but ha! no! it's not a psychology paper- it's more bayesian models and predictions based on probabilities and more pretending people are computers. well. okay then. I will pretend that I am a robot. Apparently that will be my mantra for 2008. Read 30 pages by tomorrow? affirmative. Compute Bayes theorem in your head? check. Create a computer program that will produce a sound wave with the center amplitude reduced by half? No problem. I. am. a. ro bot.
Ha ha ha futile humans- you must eat sleep and talk to loved ones- you are weak.


ily said...

ha ha ha, blue hearts bayesian models... maybe you two can chat shop. lol. count me out. i'll stick to my standard ol' stats, thank you very much!

blu said...

Ily's just jealous because she doesn't get to construct any hierarchical bayesian models. BT dub's, my advisor has this t-shirt:


And yes, I've seen him wear it.

maepress said...

Ha ha- my prof would love that!


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