crafty goodies

Got some super cute crafty things at the craft store. I found this irresistable set of candy colored crochet hooks, they even come with their own case (on the left there). And some Perle cotton, a new chibi and place markers (I am a Clover addict- I'll admit it) Mostly it's due to this new book, Amigurumi! ,by Elizabeth Doherty. She has such irresistable photos and descriptions of little do-dads and things to make your toys cool. I love it. I think that I'm going to have a really hard time making something as boring as a sweater. Anyway, I'm working on SG's 'gurumi today. (that is, after I stop admiring my stash)

*added: in lieu of the handmade holidays pledge (click on the icon to the right for more info) I just came across this amazing month of handmade gifts at sew mama sew. Every day this month they're posting ideas for gift- so much great stuff!

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