Knitting fashion

So I've lately been seeing these cute capped-sleeved sweaters around that look an awful lot like they've been inspired by some of my favorite knit designers. (these by the way are available at Target) They look like chunky, top down patterns- (aka wendy and stephanie) I just wish I could find some patterns that looked like these photos. Especially this delicious one from Anthropologie, actually, if Anthroplogie just started publishing knitting patterns that would kick ass. Are knitters having an influence on fashion?
Anyway, I suppose I could attempt to try to make one myself. Or I could just buy it- right? It would be so much more fun to knit it though. Oh well- I wish the chicks over at zephyr style would make more patterns too- theirs are pretty fun. Actually, now that I'm looking, this pattern looks really similar to the orange sweater- if I just put a button band on it. Hmmm- decisions, decisions.

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